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THIS PAGE IS IN PROGRESS (but is very close to how it works)

We invite Taxidermists and Collectors to add their good taxidermy or related items to this site.  We are looking for respectable items; no junk, which should be saved for the auction sites :-).


  • Regular Users - unless otherwise agreed, this is only available for Specialist Taxidermists ie taxidermists having gained specialist or higher status from the Guild of Taxidermists
    • If you have a few items or wish to be a regular contributor, you will have your own login and manage your own items.
    • Listing your items is free.
    • Commission on sales is currently 10% which includes any online payment processing fees.
  • Payments from customers are made to UK Taxidermy. Once the item is delivered to the customer with a signature, payment to you will be made on or around the 5th of the following month by bank transfer.
  • Legal Documents - you must show that you have a valid licence or any other documentation necessary for each item, if required.
  • Notice - we retain the right to reject any item at any time.
  • IMPORTANT - you are responsible for keeping your items on this site up to date. If you sell your item offline you must update your listing (Regular Users) or inform us (One-off Users).  If you fail to do so and your item is sold, you will be charged a commission fee plus any fees incurred by the customer needing a refund.


Sending items to the customer
You are responsible for sending items to the customer and  you must send an item via a service that requires a signature. Failing to do so may lead to problems in proving that an item has been received, and payment will not be made to you until the customer has confirmed receipt or a valid signature is confirmed.

How do I get paid?
You can be paid via bank transfer or cheque as above.

How long can I keep an item on the site?
This site is not an auction, so you can keep the item on the site for as long as it takes to gain a sale.

How do I know if my item is good?
You should know, as this site is aimed at taxidermists and collectors at the better end of the market. If in doubt, send a photo to UK Taxidermy; be aware that items that considered to be of a poor standard may be rejected.

Do I need a licence for my item?
Kim Macdonald at www.taxidermylaw.co.uk will be able to assist you with this for a small fee. Alternatively, please see www.defra.gov.uk/animalhealth.

How do I register?

If you're a One-off user, please follow the link above.

Alternatively, please complete the Regular User application form below.