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Stag Antlers

I have had a few enquiries about Reproduction Antlers as the person calling wishes to only get some antlers that did not mean the premature death of a deer, the sentiment is fine but many people do not understand a few things about deer antlers.

Deer Shed their antlers as a natural proses every year and grow a new pair of antlers.

Many deer die of old age/saver weather/hit by vehicles...

Deer are also shot to provide you with paper and timber

Deer are farmed just like cows

So you can purchase Shed antlers that just like Reproduction Casts these have zero effect on any deer. If you do want to be 100% no animal died for these antlers you can safely purchase some shed stag antlers, even just purchasing paper and timber you will be harming deer more than getting  shed or natural fatality stag antlers without the chemical processing of the reproduction market.