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Taxidermy in the UK

Taxidermy in the UK today is growing in popularity and is gathering some real interest. There are some really talented taxidermists in the UK, working in all the main areas:

  • Bird taxidermy
  • Mammal taxidermy
  • Fish taxidermy
  • Big game taxidermy
  • Modern art taxidermy

The Guild of Taxidermists

Many new taxidermists are joining the Guild of Taxidermists, the only taxidermy association recognised in the UK as helping to promote good quality, legal taxidermy, helping taxidermists to achieve their goals, and making taxidermy a good career choice.

Bird taxidermy

More information on bird taxidermy and related courses can be found on Mike Gadd's website, taxidermy.co.uk

Taxidermy training

Training courses are a great way to start;  make sure the taxidermist is good and has some experience in teaching.  After taxidermy training, and once you have a reasonable understanding of the processes, joining the Guild of Taxidermists is a good move.

Mammal taxidermy

For many big animal species, the USA holds some great taxidermists, but there are also a few Brits who can produce good large mammals. Small mammals are quite different - they really need some effort on the taxidermist's part, and they are quite challenging.  Some great work has been done by Emily Mayer using the erosion system. Mike Gadd offers a three-day intensive training course in small mammal taxidermy.

Big game taxidermy

This is typically associated with the hunting of deer and some African trophies.  A few taxidermists specialise in this area, but they are in the minority in the UK.

Modern art in taxidermy

It has been amazing to see just how much interest there has been in taxidermy-related art; some of the items produced are really quite impressive, while other works look a little simple or lacking in taxidermy skill.