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Beginner Taxidermy Book Small Mammal

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  • Beginner Taxidermy Small Mammal training book by Mike Gadd squirrel taxidermy
  • Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal training Book
  • Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal training Book
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  • Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal training Book
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  • Book Cover Mike Gadd Small Mammal Taxidermy Beginner Training UK
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Yorkshire, West Riding
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Beginner Taxidermy Book Small Mammal - Details:

Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal Book. FREE SHIPPING

 by Mike Gadd

The first book of its kind, ‘Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal’ describes and illustrates every stage in the taxidermy process, from skinning right through to creating a manikin and presenting the finished mount in a professional case. Spiral-bound and clearly presented, this is more than a text book or another taxidermy ‘how to’ book - it’s a complete workshop manual, leading beginners step by step through every stage of the taxidermy process. It describes in detail the mounting process dedicated to a beginner.

Written by Mike Gadd, an award-winning professional taxidermist and an experienced teacher, the easy-to-follow text is illustrated with over 700 colour photographs and diagrams. With a friendly but expert approach, Mike shows you how to skin the carcass, prepare the skin, construct a manikin and mount the specimen to a standard that any budding taxidermist would be proud of. In fact, it’s second only to having Mike standing next to you at your workbench!

This unique and ground-breaking new book proves that you don’t need advanced scientific knowledge or a workshop full of specialist equipment in order to succeed. Clearly presented in a logical, informative but informal manner, it shows you how you can achieve a good quality result with your first attempt.

Beginner Taxidermy - Small Mammal’ is the first in a new series of workshop manuals for beginners in taxidermy. Mike teaches you to observe and study the specimen, and he helps you to master the essential skills. Having witnessed all the problems that students are likely to encounter, he is well qualified to guide you around the pitfalls! He shows you the best tools for the job and describes how to make many of them yourself.

If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll be surprised at how little equipment you need and how much you can achieve with just a basic appreciation of anatomy and a willingness to learn. Taking a straightforward, practical approach, Mike aims to de-mystify and inspire, giving newcomers the skills and confidence needed to make their first steps in this fascinating field.

 Key points:

  •    Comprehensive workshop manual written for complete beginners in taxidermy
  •    Over 700 colour photographs and diagrams
  •    Over 150 pages and spiral-bound to open flat for ease of reference
  •    Clear and detailed step-by-step instructions with valuable tips to aid your progress
  •    Three-day course is based on the author’s own practical taxidermy courses
  •    No specialist equipment required - all you need are some basic tools which can save students hundreds of pounds
  •    Author is an experienced taxidermy teacher who has trained many professional taxidermists in the UK and overseas ISBN 978-0957190306

About the author:

Mike Gadd was born in Yorkshire and he has been involved in taxidermy all his working life. He started his career at the young age of 14, learning from notable taxidermists but also teaching himself many of the specialist techniques. At 21, Mike had established his own business in taxidermy and since then he has never looked back.

Now a Professional Accredited Member of the Guild of Taxidermists, Mike has a string of awards to his name, including Master Bird Taxidermist, Specialist Mammal Taxidermist and Specialist in Game Heads. He is the 2011 holder of the prestigious Wagstaffe (Best Cased Exhibit) Trophy; his work has won Best in Show three times at the Guild of Taxidermists’ annual Conference; and he is the five-times winner of the Bird Taxidermy competition at the same event. He is also the only taxidermist in the UK to hold a Master Credit for a grey squirrel mount.

Just as importantly, Mike has inspired and trained numerous would-be taxidermists, both in Britain and overseas, many of whom are now practising professionally, running their own successful taxidermy businesses and gaining their own clutch of credits.   Having witnessed at first hand the problems that beginners often encounter, Mike is well qualified to present his own step-by-step guide to preparing and mounting a taxidermy specimen. For over 30 years he has taught various apprentices, and for the past 10 years he has been running dedicated courses for absolute beginners - this book follows a tried-and-tested learning structure.

Mike’s taxidermy studio is in Boston Spa, Yorkshire.

ISBN-10: 0957190301
ISBN-13: 978-0957190306
          Publisher: Taxidermy Training

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By: [Mike Gadd Training Books]

Item Location: Yorkshire, West Riding

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