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Taxidermy By: Mike Gadd Training Books

The first of a series of books describing and illustrating every stage in the taxidermy process, from skinning right through to creating a manikin and presenting the finished mount in a professional case. Spiral-bound and clearly presented, these are more than text books or another taxidermy ‘how to’ book - they're a complete workshop manual, leading beginners step by step through every stage of the taxidermy process. It describes in detail the mounting process dedicated to a beginner.

Written by Mike Gadd, an award-winning professional taxidermist and an experienced teacher, the easy-to-follow text is illustrated with many colour photographs and diagrams. With a friendly but expert approach, Mike shows you how to skin the carcass, prepare the skin, construct a manikin and mount the specimen to a standard that any budding taxidermist would be proud of. In fact, it’s second only to having Mike standing next to you at your workbench!